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Electrocution Injury

$1.8 million due to unsafe electrical wiring at a construction site


Truck Accident

$2.3 million resulting in severe injuries caused by a commercial truck collision


Child Injury

$1.4 million compensation for injuries sustained in a school bus accident


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

$1.6 million from a faulty heating system in a rented property


Pedestrian Accident

$1.1 million severe injuries from being struck by a negligent driver


Defective Medical Device

$2.7 million compensation for complications caused by a faulty medical implant


Toxic Exposure

$2.0 million compensation for health issues resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace


Motorcycle Accident

$1.9 million severe injuries sustained in a motorcycle collision caused by a distracted driver


Train Accident

$3.5 million Injuries resulting from a train derailment due to negligence


Sports Injury

$800,000 compensation for a severe sports-related injury due to inadequate safety measures

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